Check out the frequently asked motorcycle track day questions complied for you by Cali Track Days. Have more questions? Please feel free to [Contact] us and we will be in touch as quickly as we can!

What are Your Policies and Requirements?

Refund Policies:

  • This is a rain or shine event.
  • In order to offer our low prices, we can not offer group changes, refunds or credits to future events for our tickets. No exceptions, please understand this is the only way we can offer the low pricing. Please only register when you're certain you can attend this events.
  • If you're purchasing the ticket for another rider, please indicate so during check out in the appropriate fields and provide us with the 2nd riders accurate info - otherwise a $25 administration fee may apply to transfer the ticket.
  • You can transfer the ticket to another rider up to 7 days prior to the event. The rider must ride in the same group as the ticket was originally purchased for and a $25 administration fee applies. Absolutely no changes within 7 days of the event, no exceptions. Please contact us for details before you make a sale.
  • Please note, all sales are final.

3rd Party Coaching:

  • We do not allow 3rd party coaching during our events due to liability and insurance coverage. If your coach holds a general liability insurance, please contact us for approval.

Multi Bike Policy:

  • We do not allow multiple bikes at this time, thank you for your understanding.

Gear Requirements:

  • UNDAMAGED full face helmet (DOT, no modular helmets). You must bring your helmet to bike tech for inspection. If your helmet is damaged, you will not be allowed out on track
  • One or two piece zip together leather suit (C group textile jacket and pants with polyester 450D+ fabric with proper integrated CE rated armor OK)
  • Gauntlet style gloves
  • Motorcycle specific over the ankle boots (riding shoes NOT allowed)

Important: For everyone's safety, if your gear does not pass tech or does not meet our requirements, you will not be allowed out on track until the issue has been resolved.

Motorcycle Requirements:

  • Tires well above the wear bars, taped wheel weights
  • Lights, brake lights and indicators unplugged or taped
  • Mirrors taped and folded in or removed
  • Good pad life and no leaks on brakes
  • Tight bars and rear sets
  • No leaks from oil filter, drain plug or forks
  • Sufficient slack in chain
  • Self closing throttle

Important: For everyone's safety, if your motorcycle does not pass tech inspection you will not be allowed out on track until the issue has been resolved.

Medical and Motorcycle Insurance:

  • Cali Track Days does not provide medical or motorcycle insurance. All riders are responsible for providing their own personal medical and motorcycle insurance coverage.
What Kind of Motorcycles are Allowed out on Track?

If the motorcycle is mechanically in working order and can pass tech while meeting the minimum requirement of 250cc on Thunderhill Raceway East as well as Buttonwillow Raceway and 150cc on Thunderhill West, you're good to go and we're excited to have you ride with us.

What if I'm not Sure About the Whole Track Thing?

We’ve got you covered. At all our events at Thunderhill, we will have 5 spots for those with commitment issues.

For $25, you get to ride your very own motorcycle out on the track for (2) two (20) minute sessions in the C Group. Before you can get out on track, your motorcycle must pass tech inspection, you have to have the appropriate gear and you have to attend the mandatory riders meeting.

During your first session, you will follow one of our instructors around the track giving you the chance to check out the track at a controlled speed, observe the lines and body positioning to help you get an idea how it’s done. Once the session is over, you will head over to the club house for your first “Master the Basic” class with Curtis – he brings everything to a level new riders simply GET.

For your second session you can choose to ride one on one with an instructor, or if you feel brave enough give it a shot all by yourself. Once your second session is over, you will head back to the club house for your second “Master the Basics” class. At that point you can decide if you’d like to upgrade your ticket to continue to ride the rest of the day, your $25 will be applied as credit for the upgrade, or just kick back and relax at in the pits. You’re welcome to attend all four classes, including the “Basics of Body Position” either way.

Email is to book your spot and details!

Why Would Someone who KILLS it on the Streets Sign up for C Group? Asking for a Friend.

One simple, very important reason. Safety. Riding in the C Group will allow you to participate in the lead and follow session to learn the track lines, check out what our instructors are up to and also participate in our four "Master the Basic" classes that offer a lot of useful information when first starting out on the track.

If at lunch you're up to speed and over C Group, we'll work with you and move you up into the next group.

P.S.: If you want some extra street credit, we'll hook you up with an A sticker at the end of the day. You're welcome. (I mean that friend...)

How Come Your Events are so Budget Friendly?

First, you need to understand that Cali Track Days is our passion project. We all truly believe in our mission - enabling more street riders to come to the track and growing our sport. Track day organizations are a LOT of work and to aid us, we have set up our business operations in a manner that allows us to maintain our day jobs which therefore gives us the liberty to make the choice to not pay ourselves for the work we do. We do most things in-house and what we cannot get done ourselves, we’ve been fortunate enough to source through staff, friends or referrals.

Pricing for our events will vary by the cost of the track rental and the amount of tickets we allocate to the specific event. Track days that are more exclusive, let's say only 20 riders per group, will be a little more expensive, while track days with 45 riders per group will be a little cheaper, as low as $100. With this said, we will never oversell a track day - no one likes a track day that is oversold and overcrowded.

tl;dr no you don't get what you pay for. There's more room out on track because our groups are smaller, you get the same amount of corners to slay and some extra goodies such as coffee, pastries, hydration, some informative classes and cool instructors all inclusive in your track day - we know the little things matter.

Do you Offer any Classes?

We sure do! The best of the best offers four complimentary "Master the Basics" classes.

Please join us in the club house, friends, family and visitors are always welcome as well:

  • 9:30am: Track Basics
  • 10:30am: Vision Basics
  • 11:30am: Braking Basics
  • 1:30pm: Body Position Basics
How Much are one on one Instructions?

One on one instructions are fully included in your ticket pricing, all you have to do is ask! Our Cali Track Days staff is out on track for you and not free seat time. All our instructors are seasoned street and track guys that understand the struggles and will love to help you get the hang of the track and your machine.

Is Camping at the Track the Night Before the Event Available?

It sure is! FREE Cali Track Days Camping is always available the night before the event. There may or may not be beer.

Please remember, Thunderhill Raceway closes their gates at midnight and opens back up at 6:00am.

Gates at Buttonwillow Raceway remain open all night!

How Does a Track Day Schedule Look Like?

Know what's ahead! Here is a Cali Track Days event schedule:

  • 6:00am: Gates open.
  • 7:15am: Registration and tech opens, please be sure to bring your ID to registrationPlease be sure to bring your helmet to tech.
  • 8:10am to 8:45am: Mandatory riders meeting, we promise to keep it short.
  • 9:00am: C Group goes out on track, it's a lead and follow session giving riders the opportunity to get familiar with the track and observe lines and body positioning.
  • 9:20am: B- Group goes out on track.
  • 9:40am: B+ Group goes out on track.

This schedule will continue until lunch.

  • 1:00pm2:00pm: Lunch.
  • 2:00pm: B+ Group goes out on track.
  • 2:20pm: B- Group goes out on track.
  • 2:40pm: C Group goes out on track.

This schedule will continue until end of day.

  • 5:00pm: End of day.
What do the Different Flags Mean?

Thunderhill Raceway

• Standing Yellow: No passing until next turn worker with no yellow flag.
• Waving Yellow: Incident ahead, no passing until next turn worker with no yellow flag.
• Yellow/Red Stripe: Debris on course, avoid it, no passing until next turn worker with no yellow/red stripe flag.
• Green/Black Stripe: Oil/Fluid on course, avoid it, no passing until next turn worker with no green/black stripe flag
• Black Waving: Early end of session, exit into the pits.
• Black Pointed At You: Rules infraction. Complete lap, come to grid control.
• Meatball Black with Orange Dot: Something wrong with you or your bike, if your bike is leaking fluid get off track, if not, complete lap and come to grid control.
• Red: Raise hand, stop as soon and as safe as possible, DO NOT COMPLETE LAP. Stop in either right or left side of the track in view of a flag station.
• Checkered: End of sessions, exit into pits.


Buttonwillow Raceway
• Standing Yellow: You are approaching an incident, no passing until next turn worker with no yellow flag.
• Waving Yellow: Incident directly ahead, no passing until next turn worker with no yellow flag.
• Black pointed at YOU: Something wrong with you or your bike, look down, if your bike is leaking fluid get off track, if not, complete lap and come to grid.
• Red Waiving: Emergency somewhere on track, absolutely no passing, continue at a safe but brisk pace and exit the track.
• Yellow/Red Stripe: Debris on course or oil/fluid on course. Avoid it, no passing until next turn worker with no yellow/red stripe flag. No passing.
• Checkered Flag: End of session. Exit into pits. Follow all track exit procedures.

What are Some Important Track Procedures?

Entering/Exiting the Track:
• When entering the track, DO NOT APEX TURN 1 and do not blend onto the race line until you reach the 4-foot orange cone.
• When exiting the track, by the time you reach the 4-foot orange cone, go to the far outside of the track and indicate with your arm in the air to the riders behind you that you’re exiting the track.
Passing Rules:
• C Group: 8 feet passing outside/front/back, no inside passing, must run C pace.
• B Group: 7 feet passing inside/outside/front/back, must run B- pace.
• A Group: 6 feet passing inside/outside/front/back, must run B+ pace.
• The person passing is responsible to pass safely, remember this is not a race. When being passed, please remember to hold your line.
At no time are participants or guests to walk the track before or between sessions.

What Happens if I Crash?

If you crash, quickly take inventory of yourself. If you can move, get up and get away from your bike. Do not take your helmet off or any of your gear. Do not pick up your bike and do not cross the track. We will come and get you.
If you can’t get up or are seriously hurt, stay down. An ambulance that is on standby will be sent on track. If you’re riding with a friend, and they go down, do not stop and help, we will take care of them.

In the event of an unforeseen ambulance or helicopter ride, we'll be there to help get your stuff together and if needed grab your bike and belongings. Last thing we want you, or your companion, to worry about during an emergency situation is stuff left at the track.

What Track Side Services / Vendors are Available?

Photo and Video Service:
[CaliPhotography] will be on site to capture your finest moments on track and in the pits.
Suspension Service:
• Mauro with [MD Performance] will be on-site to get your bike set up just right
Nutrition and Beverages:
• Cali Track Days will be providing water, drinks and refreshing electrolyte popsicles.
• Thunderhill's delicious cafe will be open for food purchases.

Do you Offer Motorcycle / Gear / Tire Warmer / Generator Rental?

At this time, we do not offer motorcycle, gear, tire warmer or generator rental. Sorry!
However, Thunderhill East and West both have electricity boxes that are available within the pits on a first come first serve basis, generators are not necessary.
Garage rentals are available at Buttonwillow Raceway - please contact Buttonwillow Raceway to make your reservations.

Can I Bring Guests and/or Dogs?

Absolutely, bring'em along.
Dogs are welcome at Thunderhill Raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway but must be kept on leash at all times and are not allowed inside any of the facilities. Keep in mind it can get hot out there, so please make appropriate arrangements to keep your doggo comfortable (and your guests). Remember, if your dog poops you scoop - please be responsible and don't ruin it for everyone else.